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Lyttelton, portal to Canterbury’s historic past, a vibrant sustainable community creating a living future

Free Film Evening with Lift Library

The next film evening will be on February 2nd, as many regular audience members can’t come in January.

However, you are welcome to contact me about seeing any of the previous film evenings’ films, by either coming to look at them on my laptop, or bringing a pendrive/memory stick/USB/whatever, and taking them home to watch at your leisure - - - maybe after the run-up (pant pant) to Christmas!

Topics/titles screened in the past few months are: “Our Green Roadie”; “Crossroads”; “Occupy Love”; “The Big Picture” (Bob Crowder); Christchurch resilience; alternatives to our current money system; “Food Matters”; mental health and nutrition; climate change; politics; “Just a thought”; corporatocracy & TPP; climate change action.

Annual Report

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Download your copy of our 2013/14 annual report here. Find out about all of our projects and achievements, who we are and our philosophies.

Transport Options

Public Transport operates regularly into Lyttelton and connects with ferry services
Red Bus 28 Lyttelton/Rapaki
Leopard 535 Lyttelton
Diamond Harbour Ferry bus-ferry-public-transport-lyttelton-farmers-market visit for bus routes and ferry times.