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Grow Harbour Kids


Grow Harbour Kids is a programme for children in the Harbour Basin growing, cooking and sharing food and working to create a children's kitchen garden network through local schools and preschools.

It's been a busy few terms in the schools around the Harbour this year.  Grow Harbour Kids continues to support the individual programmes of the schools in whatever way is needed - at Diamond Harbour where the programme goes from strength to strength this means  a few visits to exchange ideas, for Governors Bay it means running a regular weekly session with the year 6's and with Lyttelton, whilst they continue to merge into one school,  finding ways to engage classes to be active in the Community garden.

So what have they been up to ...

from the year 6's at Governors Bay School Community Garden Trip

On Wednesday the 27 of August the Year 6’s from Governors Bay School went on a trip to the Lyttelton Community Garden. We fed the chooks and weeded the garden. We helped make a delicious morning tea that involved orange blueberry and chocolate chip muffins and homemade kale and Brussels sprout chips. We drank elder flower cordial and we got to try some homemade honey straight from the hive.

Our Wednesday Cooking
On Wednesday mornings we do cooking with our teacher Mrs Mortlock and Jacqueline our helpful gardening and cooking teacher from Project Lyttelton. We also harvest our own crops from our four garden plots. Our favourite recipe is homemade potato and tomato top pizza.

Diamond Harbour school garden happenings

At Diamond Harbour School we run a Garden to Table Programme, each class works on various projects including making compost, planting, harvesting and seed saving. 
When produce is ready, we harvest it and use the produce for our cooking classes and for whole school lunches.  If we have a surplus it is frozen or processed for cooking over winter. 
The children also enjoy using our garden diary.  The diary is used by all classes during their garden class to record what activities the class is doing. It has been a wonderful way to keep track of when jobs were started and completed. 

How can you help? Even with each class having regular lessons in the garden, we still require help from volunteers to keep our successful programme running. You don’t need to have a green thumb to help, so please don’t be shy. Come along and share in the joy of our garden. There are a number of ways you can help; volunteer in the garden during a class or in your own time, provide seedling or plants, help during working bees, or just sharing excess seeds!
You can also volunteer to help with cooking classes or with making whole school lunch on a Thursday.
If you are keen to support our Garden to Table programme please get in contact with Eddie Norgate or Lisa Hurry at school. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 329 4842 

All support is welcome and greatly appreciated!

Love Lyttelton

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