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Lyttelton, portal to Canterbury’s historic past, a vibrant sustainable community creating a living future

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October 2019


Festival of Walking 2019

The Banks Peninsula Walking Festival runs over four weekends in November. Get off the beaten track, explore parts of Banks Peninsula not usually open to the public, visit local reserves and appreciate projects in progress.



Lyttelton Youth Programme

Monday - Year 7 and up
Lyttelton Recreation Centre, 3.30 - 5.30pm

Wednesday Girls' Group
5.30-7.30, Venue varies
Contact Candice Milner 027 446 1319

Friday - High schoolers session
Lyttelton Recreation Centre, 6.30-8.30pm

Follow on the lytteltonyouthgroup instagram page or the Lyttelton Youth FB page!


Lyttelton Recreation Centre What could be  

Increasing social connectedness and wellbeing. Find out how the Lyttelton Recreation Centre Activation Team has progressed with the restoring the Centre's place as a community hub here.  View the results from their community reserach into current and desired future use, here


 lyttelton summerfest 2019 fb profile

Our Summer Festival planning for 2020 is warming up like the weather. Watch this space!



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The beloved Lyttelton Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 10am til 1pm, with fresh produce, organics, meat, fish, eggs, honey, flowers, plants, preserves and baked goods. We also provide music and a community stall for groups who want to raise awareness or promote a charity.


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Four days a week local people and visitors flock to The Garage Sale, our local op-shop, which both upholds the principle of re-using goods and provides clothing, books, kitchen goods and all manner of other things for great low prices.


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We are serious - and playful - about managing and minimising waste in Lyttelton Harbour. Our Waste Matters Project works primarily at the Lyttelton Farmers Market, with the goal of reducing waste to landfill through various initiatives. 


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Our commuinty is a community gathering place to share ideas, to help improve community well-being and a place of beauty. It offers the opportunity for people learn to grow food and minimise waste and a place to share in the bounty of the nutritious spray free food from the garden.



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The LIFT library offers members over five hundred books on the transition movement, alternative currencies, sustainability and community development, economics, food, health, and relevant DVDs and magazines.


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 Check out the Festival 2019 Programme: here

The Banks Peninsula Walking Festival offers guided walks all over the peninsula during the month of November. The guides, all volunteers, bring a huge wealth of knowledge and experience which makes each walk a valuable experience beyond access to tracks, reserves and private land.


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Trade skills with other community members, get the weekly bulletin and get involved with other projects and events through the Lyttelton Harbour TimeBank. 


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The 21 Day Challenge: local heroes are taking on a challenge in the area of waste, environment, wellbeing and food (for example to minimise plastic use or eat only locally grown food).


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Members borrow tools and things and pay an annual subscription, sharing and supporting the community, reducing waste and consumerism. Join here: LLoTTs




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Juliet on the front line at Climate Strike

juliet pressmarch

LIFT Librarian Juliet Adams made the front page of the Christchurch Press leading the recent Climate Strike

This is what democracy looks like.

Read the story here