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Lyttelton, portal to Canterbury’s historic past, a vibrant sustainable community creating a living future

"Being the Change"

Annual Report 2018

fol fireworksProject Lyttelton is a non-profit grassroots organisation committed to building sustainable, connected community. We aim to "be the change we wish to see in the world."

Through a range of innovative projects, PL is harnessing the power of community and fostering hope and inspiration to create a collective future. Our values-based approach is inclusive and participative - we recognise all people have intrinsic value.

Some of our projects include; supporting local food production, minimising waste and creating ways to re-use, reduce and recycle, creating opportunities for people to come together to play, share information and skills, and the initiatives continue grow!.

Download our latest Annual Report to find out what's been happening in our projects over the past year. (8mb pdf)

The PL model is attracting interest both nationally and internationally and we are happy to share what we've learned.

How did Project Lyttelton get started? How has it developed? What has made Project Lyttelton a model for others?

Find out here: "Our Story" (2009) explores the history and vision of Project Lyttelton (PL). Download Our Story PDF (1.5MB)

The achievements of PL in the past ten years have been phenomenal. The organisation has embraced cutting-edge thinking to meet the challenges of a changing world. It is showing the way forward with community sustainability, using innovative methods to capture community imagination and help create a shared vision for the future.

"Our Story" author Anneleise Hall is a former reporter and sub-editor and was a board member of Project Lyttelton from 2004 to 2009. This story is written from a first-hand perspective and experience of PL and through interviews with key people.

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For visitors

Planning on visiting? Visit The Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre website. You can print off the Snakes & Ladders Walking Map (a pre Earthquake visitors' map), or visit Banks Peninsula Walks for local walking track information.

Registered Charity

Project Lyttelton Incorporated is a Registered Charitable Organisation. Registration Number CC26725