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Project Lyttelton and the Canterbury Earthquakes

TimeBank and the Earthquakes

Lucie Ozanne has been researching and writing about the part the Lyttelton Harbour TimeBank played in the Earthquake response in Lyttelton. Read her article from The Guardian.


The Shaken Heart

Earthquake stories from the heart of Lyttelton

Bettina Evans interviewed over 30 Lytteltonians about their September and February earthquake experiences. Included is a brief history of the heart- stitching which happened spontaneously in Lyttelton after the February earthquake on the badly damaged main street. The booklet also contains photos of Lyttelton before and after the earthquakes, culminating in a few images showing the first signs of rebuild and hope.

Copies no longer are available.

Lyttelton Harbour Timebank Civil Defence

The Lyttelton Harbour TimeBank is a community strengthening tool that became a surprising partner in emergency management during the earthquakes in Lyttelton. Read Developing Local Partners in Emergency Planning and Management: Lyttelton Time Bank as a Builder and Mobiliser of Resources during the Canterbury Earthquakes to understand the important role that the Lyttelton Harbour TimeBank played in promoting community resilience.

Remembering the Earthquakes


 Hearts Shall Anchor is an annual remembrance events in Albion Square on February 22nd at 12:51pm, the date and time of the most damaging earthquake in Christchurch.

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Our Story

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Our Story explores the history and vision of Project Lyttelton (PL).Download Our Story PDF (1.5MB)

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