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Lyttelton, portal to Canterbury’s historic past, a vibrant sustainable community creating a living future

Meet our People

Margaret Jefferies, ChairMargaret Jefferies

The work that Margaret does is based on skills and experience gathered over many years. Margaret is a graduate in geography, music, education for ministry and teaching. She has raised a family of five and has seven grandchildren. Margaret is also a board member of Living Economies Educational Trust. She is a team member of the Leadership in Communities (LinC) programme. 

Margaret introduced the concept of TimeBanking to New Zealand. Currently she is very involved in developing a social enterprise in collaboration for four other third sector organisations to extend the work of Project Lyttelton.

Margaret sees an important part of her role is holding a stake in the ground around values. Margaret has the ability to see emerging patterns and explore positive solutions; seeing global trends and working on solutions at a local level. 

Margaret is a speaker, mentor, facilitator, networker and a co-creator of magic!

WendyWendy Everingham, Treasurer

Lucette Hindin, Co-Manager, Board Member

Lucette has come from a career in the theatre, working with a method called group devising, in which all participants are seen as equal Photo on 24 11 15 at 7.42 amcreators and shape the work together without script or blueprint.

Her love of group work and creativity led Lucette to begin training in sociometry, an approach which is the foundation of the psychodramatic method of J.L. Moreno. Sociometry has as its goal the healthy and productive functioning of groups, families and systems. The sociometric approach is well aligned to that of Project Lyttelton: both believe that when relationships are healthy, people thrive and wonderful, fulfilling work can be done. 

Frances Willems, Co-Manager, The Garage Sale

Sue Ellen GS outfit head shotSue-Ellen Sandilands, Administrator, Lyttelton Commuity Garden

Jacqueline Newbound, Grow Harbour Kids/Lyttelton Community GardenJacqueline

Jacqueline came to PL as the Grow Harbour Kids coordinator, having worked in Brisbane with the Stephanie Alexander kitchen Garden Programme. Passionate and knowledgeable about gardening and food Jacqueline has studied permaculture and NZ Level 3 organic Horticulture as well as working with Garden to Table in NZ to further promote kitchen gardening in schools.
Seeing school kitchen gardens as family community gardens Jacqueline is also passionate about promoting and developing community gardens to take knowledge of gardening and food into the wider community. Originally from the UK and having live in Australia, Jacqueline has been in NZ for over four years with her husband and three children (and cat, turtle and axolotyl).

Claire Coates, Events Co-Ordinator & Lyttelton Recreation Centre Activator

Claire is heavily involved with Lyttelton Primary School and is one of the organisers of the Peninsula Art Auction bi-annual fundraising event. Claire is passionate about community and arts.

Bex De Prospo, Lyttelton Recreation Centre Business Development Manager

Holly Cunningham, Lyttelton Recreation Centre Acticator

Valda Smith, Garage Sale Co-OrdinatorValda Teresa

Teresa Cameron, Garage Sale Co-Ordinator

Kerry Donnelly, Lyttelton Farmers Market Administrator and Site Co-Ordinator


Wi Peepe, The Garage SaleWi

Juliet Adams, LIFT Library

Juliet BoomyAfter teaching in various countries, Juliet returned to New Zealand and settled in Lyttelton in 2007, to rejoin her children and become a grandmother. Her fulltime work in her daughter’s business came to an end with the earthquakes, and her focus changed, more towards community; joining Timebank and other groups brought many new friendships and developed wider interests. Her intellectual background helped her to contribute in various ways, the biggest being the founding of the LIFT Library, with the support of Project Lyttelton and Living Economies. The library is based in her home, where members may visit and browse the shelves, which keep on filling up with generous donations of books, magazines and DVDs. Stocks are also displayed at the Saturday Market and at regular film evenings on the library’s topics. Reading the materials in the library has led her to promote sustainability, citizens’ welfare, healthy attitudes and lifestyles, and changing the focus on money. Juliet is happier than ever, as a volunteer for Project Lyttelton and in various related groups.

Jill Larking, TimeBank Co-Ordinator, Lyttelton Recreation Centre Activator, Board of Trustees

Maria Lee, TimeBank Co-Ordinator

Chantal Jousseroud-Shirley, Secretary

Josh Fedder, Board of Trustees

Trevor Best, Board of Trustees

Gill Taylor, Board of Trustees

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