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  • I attended a Civil Defence briefing on Friday, at which it was confirmed by John Hamilton, the National Controller, that three...
  • The Lyttelton Farmers market has been invited to Terrace Downs Resort on April 27th for a fun family day out in the school holidays.

    The outing will be a welcome boost to Lyttelton residents wanting a day out; a bonus for

  • lyttelton-farmersmarket-logoDue to the earthquake the market and

  • lyttelton-harbour-kitchensHarbour Kitchens is a cook book incorporating local recipes, anecdotes, kids’ art and gorgeous

  • The Lyttelton Time Bank played a vital part in the local response to the recent New Zealand quakes. This report is from the ground.

  • There are a few conversations happening at present regarding home heating and concerns re families possibly struggling to heat their homes this winter due to damage earthquake homes. We are currently working on joining all the dots between

  • Unfortunately the bus service currently running to Halswell New World has come to an end.   The final day will be Saturday the 2nd April.
    We are happy to discuss the decision with any individuals affected please call  Kelvin Gray, 3229991.
  • Suuport the Lyttelton Farmers Market - Vote in the Taste Farmers Market poll

  • The Fruit Tree Register

    With an abundance of fruit trees in our community we have been encouraging people to share their excess. If you would like a group to come and collect

  • 7 Oaks Organic Garden

    The 7 Oaks Organic Garden initiative was established in 2007.  Project Lyttelton and Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology  have developed a memorandum of

  • Project Lyttelton understands the importance of documenting the process of community engagement and the value of making public submissions.

    Lyttelton’s Time Bank is piloting a new format for ongoing education

    In early 2010 our Time Bank began to run education

  • Adult Education Programme 


    • Sustainable Living - Lyttelton

    Saving money,staying...

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