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Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things

With a hoped-for launch date in February next year, the Lyttelton Library of Tools and Things aims to offer a good selection of high quality tools (and things) to community members. Members of the LLOTT would pay an annual subscription and the tools would be loaned out for a week at a time.

“We're hoping to make sure we have all the main things which people need to use frequently – from garden tools to drills, saws and bike tools. Perhaps also camping gear and sewing machines.” says Lucette Hindin, Project Lyttelton Co-Manager. “We're just having the conversation with the Christchurch City Council now about locating the library at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre, where it would be operated by volunteers for 4 or so hours each week for issues and returns.”

The organising group is now looking to start building up its library of basic items and hopes that some will come directly from the community, while others may be donated by retail outlets, manufacturers or funded by various bodies. A list of the main items they are looking for is available here, so community members who may have items to donate or connections to potential donors can see what is needed.

New Project Lyttelton board member, Trevor Best from Governor's Bay, is the mastermind behind this idea, and has been joined by community member Joke de Rijke to champion the project. Trevor says “What I love about the tool library concept is that it provides a way for more men to get involved in community. When I visited the Newtown Tool Library, I could see that things like the Repair Cafes and workshops were really important ways for people to come together and connect, to work together on projects, get help and enjoy being part of a community.”