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Lyttelton Fruit and Vege Collective


The Lyttelton Harbour Fruit and Vegetable Collective is a joint venture between Lyttelton Community House and The Lyttelton Harbour Timebank. The scheme was started in Lyttelton in September 2014 by timebanker Jill Larking who is now employed as Timebank Fruit and Vegetable Collective Coordinator by Project Lyttelton.

Jill had heard of the success of the fruit and vege co-ops in Christchurch city, especially since the earthquakes. Members were receiving market fresh produce every Wednesday which was bought and distributed to hubs around the city at a cost of only $10 per pack.  Jill saw a need and enthusiasm from Lyttelton Harbour residents to access the same so started bringing packs through the tunnel.

Jill says, "the response to the scheme has been astounding, not only are people being provided with fresh fruit and veges they are participating in their community in a way they may not have done before." Packs are being sourced from the Linwood Fruit and Veggie Co-Op. All produce is bought direct from the markets on Tuesdays. Their operation runs out of the St Chads Church on Buckelys Road. They run a great team of volunteers who pack all the fruit and vegetables on the Wednesday morning. It is an impressive operation! Packs are then collected by our timebank volunteers and distributed out of the Union Church on Winchester every Wednesday. There are over 100 members of the scheme in Lyttelton.

As well as enjoying good quality produce at very affordable prices participants are all learning how to cook things they would not normally buy. People are encouraged to tell friends and family about the scheme and they are especially keen to get more participants from Diamond Harbour and further round the bays.

For more information, or to sign up and receive a weekly bag, contact the Lyttelton Information Centre, 328 9093, or drop in at 20 Oxford St, Lyttelton.

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